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Throwing a Gold Buying Party in your home

Gold Buying Solutions offers its hosts many benefits that we're sure you will enjoy.
The following are 6 benefits to working with Gold Buying Solutions.

  1. You receive $100 in cash . (Minimum of 5 sellers)
    You receive 10% of all we purchase, with a $100 minimum to you if there are 5 sellers or more. When there are less then 5 sellers, you receive 10% of the purchases (the $100 minimum does not apply in this case)
  2. We give the host a $10 gift cards
    The host receives a $10 gift card that she can use that evening towards the purchase any item that your party consultant is selling.
  3. We provide customized color flyers and neon envelopes
    Gold Buying Solutions customizes flyers featuring both, your consultants business as well as Gold Buying Solutions. You approve all flyers before print. We also supply brightly colored envelopes. We always suggest that invitations be mailed to your guests to ensure maximum attendance. We can also custom created e-vites to everyone on your email list
  4. We pay you commission on referrals
    If someone from your Party decides to have their own gold party, you will receive 5% of the sales at the time of their party. Should we purchase, outside your home from any of your guests, you will receive 5% of those sales
  5. We pay sellers in cash
    Your guests will be happy that they will receive CASH and not a check. They will now be able to purchase more items from your party consultant business which means more benefit to you.
  6. Raffle for your guests
    Gold Buying Solutions will hold a raffle, after all purchases, for two $10 gift cards for your guests.

Your guests will be able to use the gift cards on the day of your event.


If you would like to book a party, you can fill out this application or give us a call at 561-637-4312.
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