Fundraising events are a FANTASTIC way to raise money for your organization!!

The services we offer are FREE OF CHARGE - and we do all of the work for you!
Raising money for your charity is simple. Here's all you need to do;

  1. Pick a date of your choice. Book the event with us.
  2. We create custom flyers featuring your organization to hand out to group member's informing them of the day of your fundraiser. We can also mail the flyers if provided an address list. OR, create an Evite emailing the event, OR, provide a script to your group phone squad. Whatever works best for you. These are at no cost to you. You approve the draft before going to print.
  3. We come with snacks and beverage, refreshments, the options are variable.
    At no cost to you.
  4. We need a small area to set up our testers. Usually a six foot table
    works best, also a table to set up refreshments.

  5. We come on the scheduled date, set up, purchase items, and give 10% of the total proceeds to you in cash at the end of the fundraiser. All who sell to us receive cash on the spot for their items.
    We have had great success in doing these fundraisers. One thing about our company that makes us
    unique is that we buy more than just gold. We also buy sterling silver jewelry, coins, sterling
    silver flatware, fine art work, dental gold crowns, and watches in any condition.

We've raised money for many organizations, including; Multiple City of Hope
Chapters,daycare centers, singles groups, multiple restaurants, multiple Hadassah
Chapters, multiple Senior centers, home party consultants, city community centers, and
childrens youth groups and sports teams.

References provided upon request.

So as you can see, there is really no reason not to hold a fundraiser for your facility. You have nothing to loose, only to gain.

Call me now to schedule your date to make FREE money.